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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

Treasure Inventory for the Strange Vistas Campaign


This page will be updated by the PC's as they gain loot, magic items, etc. Most recent items will be in bold.


updated 10/20/07



4528 gp

1000 gp from Viscountess Mara


Gems and Jewelry

Amber (5 gp)

Amethyst (50 gp)

2 Moonstones (100 gp ea.)

Pearl (25 gp)

2 Tiger's Eyes (25 gp ea.)

2 Bloodstones (50 gp ea.)

Opal (100 gp)

Green Nepharite (250 gp)

Fire Opal (500 gp)

Jade (2500 gp)

Gold and Platinum Necklace (3500 gp value)






Broadsword, +2 Given to Hanthel.

Broadsword +1

Talisman of Dispel Magic (note: the magical effect of this talisman is supposed to fade over time). Given to Hanthel.

Pipes of the Sewers summons 1d3 rat swarms

staff of magic missle

Ring of Protection +1

Ring of Protection +1


Following items to be kept on Hanthel's Donkey.

small tent

flask of wine

flask of oil

empty flask

hooded lantern

flint and steel



seven days iron rations

map (will be given to PC's later)

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