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Territory Chart


11-12Wizards Tower: May include 1 or 2 Hero Level Wizards/Spell Caster up to 250 pt. including Magic Items. Special to Elves
13-14Sacred Grove: May include 1 Unbreakable Unit up to 250 pts. Special to Bretonnians
15Shrine: May include 1 Stubborn Unit up to 250 pts. Special to Lizardmen
16Temple: May include up to 2 Priests/Wizards (may be Lord level characters) up to 500 pts. including magic items. Special to Dark Elves
21-32Village: May include an additional Core Unit up to 100 pts.
33-34Town: May include a Special Unit up to 250 pts. Special to Empire
35-43Monument: May include an extra Fast Cavalry or Scout unit of up to 100 points. Special to Chaos
44-46Silver Mine: May include an additional 100 pts. of Magic Items--may be used to exceed Character allowance
51-53Bridge: May place 2 additional terrain features or defended obstacles after side selection but before deployment
54Cairn/Graveyard: May include 1 extra Rare Unit or any unit immune to Psychology up to 500 pts. Special to Undead
55Gold Mine: May include 500 pts. of Dogs of War units. May be more than 1 unit. Special to Dogs of War
56-62Mountain Pass: May include 1 extra Skirmishing unit up to 100 pts. Special for Orcs & Goblins
63Mountains: May include u to 500 pts. of Monsters (these may be used for Character Mounts) Special for Dwarfs & Ogres
64Forest: May include up to 500 pts. of War Machines. Special to Wood Elves
65Ruins: May include up to 250 pts. of additional Magic Items. This may exceed character maximums. Special to Skaven
66The Player may choose


If a territory is special to an Army, that player may add 500 points to their army when 'tapped' instead of the benefit listed. These points may be spent on any unit type in their army list (no Dogs of War) regardless of Core, Special, or Rare. These points can be spent on Characters (including Lords) and Magic Items.

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