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The Reaver Princes



There are places in the Warhammer world where warlords, minor nobles, bandit kings, and champions of dark powers vie for supremacy in a search for power, glory, and wealth. Broken Mace Pass is one of those places, a rugged place steeped in blood and the shattered dreams of violent men and women.


Campaign Rules


The Armies

Each player starts with a General and Retinue drawn at the beginning of the campaign. The General must be a Lord level character.


The General and Retinue cannot exceed 500 pts. for character, magic items, equipment, mount, and retinue unit.


The Retinue Unit can be any single unit in the Player’s Army List and may include another Hero level character.


The General and Retinue cannot change in any way throughout the campaign unless the Player loses his Citadel (see below)


For each battle, the Player draws up a 2000 point army in addition to the General and Retinue (note that this does allow for 2 Lord characters in a 2500 point army).


The 2000 point army is drawn up for each battle (it can change each time).



All Players start with a Citadel and 8 Territories.


Two territories are chosen by the Player. The others are determined by a d66 rolled on this table.


A Player may have no more than two of the same Territory type.



Each month a Player will tap the resources of a single territory that s/he has.


The benefit of the tapped territory is added to the Player’s armies for that month.


A Player can tap their Citadel for any month.


Once tapped, the territory’s resources are spent and cannot be used again.


Only the first battle of each month counts towards the Player’s Victories. All other battles are either to prevent other Player’s victories, or for fun.


The Player with the most Victories after all territories and the Citadel have been tapped wins the campaign.


The Citadel

At some point in the Campaign, all players will have to tap the resources of their Citadel.


The Campaign General and his retinue must be present for this battle (the leader is going to show up to defend his home base). The defending Player (tapping the Citadel) also gets a 2000 pt. Army list minus 50 points per elapsed campaign turn.


Defended early in the Campaign, the Player gets a larger force to work with; defended late, the Player gets the benefits of the Citadel for longer, but is less easily protected.


The Citadel may be defended in one of the following ways (but not limited to)


1) Standard siege battle: prior notification of your player is necessary. The attacking player may, in this situation, tap ANY territory for 500 points of Siege Equipment (not Troops). Yes he can tap a “cheap” territory and get 500 pts. as long as they are spent only on equipment. He may also tap his territory and use what is allowed by the territory.


2) Standard Pitched Battle rules, however all units in the defender’s army are stubborn.


3) Standard Pitched Battle, but the Defender may place three extra pieces of terrain/defended obstacles after sides are chosen, but before deployment. Any or all of these terrain pieces may be Special Features that start in the defending army’s possession.


4) The Defender may choose to fight a Flank Attack or Last Stand scenario (no prior notification to your opponent is necessary)


5) Pitched Battle, all units in the Defender’s Army Hate their opponents (even if immune to psychology)


Note that it is very difficult to beat a player defending their Citadel. Note also that, under the above conditions, it is possible for two players defending their Citadels to fight each other.


The Loss of a Citadel

Should a Player lose their Citadel they will have the following restrictions for the rest of the campaign.


1) Having no power center to conduct business, the Player may no longer include Dogs of War in his Army (unless playing DoW)


2) The Campaign General loses face (or the king’s confidence, etc.) The General, his possessions (magic items, etc.) and mount stay at the Player’s disposal. All other elements of his Retinue (including Hero characters) are lost for the duration of the campaign.


Current Standings


TonyHigh Elves50
TomWood Elves22
Tom T.Lizardmen21
ChrisWood Elves12

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