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Scratchbuilt Monsters from the Strange Vistas


A collection of monsters (some of which will look rather familiar) that inhabit the Strange Vistas world


Zombie, Greater

HD: 3 (1d12)

Move: 30

AC: 15

Att: melee weapon*2

Special: Undead, Slow

XP: 120+3


Rather than just animate the remains of a single being, some necromancers have attempted to created superior zombies by combining several different creatures together. These monstrosities frequently have multiple heads or arms, which allow for a greater number of attacks.


Slairu, lesser

HD: 3

Move: 30

AC: 15 (+3 natural, +2 Dex)

Att: by weapon (scimitar 1d6 or bow 1d6)

SP: charm person 1/day, speak with animals (reptiles) at will

Prime: M

XP: 30+3


The slairu are a mysterious race of humanoid snake men. While individual slairu vary in appearance, they are almost always covered in fine, iridescent scales and greenish-tinged skin. Their heads are hairless and their eyes large, yellow and reptilian. They worship Mershuul, a god of reptiles, and generally revere all reptiles as sacred animals. They frequent operate in human cities, using their special abilities and generally humanoid appearance to infiltrate the community and establish small cults dedicated to Mershuul's worship. A typical lesser slairu is ruthless, intelligent, and cunning.

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