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The Spear of Autumn Casting, Chapter Six


The Strange Vistas crew have some intense planning to do. After all, they have a pipeline right into the Rock Tooth Clan's camp, but they need to find the horde's leader Krang Slork, capture him alive, extract the location of Hanthil's sister, take out the leader, and hopefully disrupt the entire orc army. Simple, hunh?


Side note: there is some concern about losing the Shroud of Skelos. This is like closing the barn door after the cows leave, because they discover that Desire' has already stolen the Shroud and sent it back the community outside the Bone Sanctum. They hope they can recover it later.


Following a long discussion, the PC's convince the city leaders to provide them with the magical means to appear as orcs (with the limitation that it'll only last one hour). They sneak their way up the tunnel, and charm the local crew chief into believing that they have accidentally tunneled into a treasure chamber (using their own gem collection as bait).


The crew chief leads them to a large rally, where Krang Slork is addressing his troops. He delivers an impassioned speech in which he says that the orc god Grummush has declared that the upcoming destruction is an opportunity for orcs to claim supremacy amongst the humanoid races.


After the speech the PC's and the crew chief bluff their way past some guards, they meet Krang Slork, the terror of Hanthil's childhood. They convince Krang that they have found a treasure, and with the possibility of some orc booty (and some other orc booty), Krang agrees to secretly sneak into the "treasure chamber" before the rest of his army does and the spoils are split amongst them. After sneaking back down the sapping tunnel, Violet collapses the tunnel and they pin Krang Slork between them and a waiting army. A brief but furious battle ensues, with the PC's overcoming the outnumbered warlord.

After being compelled to reveal the location of Hanthil's sister, Violet does her "victory dance" and kills Krang. The army hurls the head of the "Chosen of Grummush" over the walls and launches a furious assault, routing the shaken invaders.


Having recovered the second artifact and settled an old grudge, the PC's can only watch expectantly as the symbol of the Spear of Autumn Casting disappears from Hanthil's face, while another appears on Galinda's...


All participants get 1400 XP, and kudos for a great session.

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