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The Spear of Autumn Casting, Chapter Five


The old mansion of the Elenbrygge family is suffering from neglect since the family fled the besieged city of Estantene with much of the local nobility. They left behind to safeguard their treasures quite a few vicious traps and, as the PC's discover, a few family ghosts. After gaining entrance to the house, the PC's search is made more difficult by an attack by several shadows, a few poison gas traps, and an inability to locate the Spear of Autumn Casting.


Eventually the heroes discover a secret passage leading to an underground basement, but the basement has some other unwelcome guests: a few orcs and a ogre from the Rock Tooth tribe, who have apparently been tunneling within the city. After dispatching the intruders, the group has a difficult decision to make. Should they flee the city with the Spear (having found it amongst the possessions in the basement) or help defend the city? Does the subterranean tunnel offer a way out, or a possible avenue to attack Hanthil's hated enemy, Krang Slork?


At the adventure's end, the Strange Vistas crew conceive a dangerous plan: disguise themselves as orcs, attempt to assassinate Krang Slork (after determining the location of Hanthil's sister), and hopefully disrupt the delicate balance of power amongst the Rock Tooth clan.


All PC's participating in this adventure get 200 XP. Hanthil gets the XP bonus of 100 XP.

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