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The Spear of Autumn Casting, Chapter Four


Having successfully recovered the first of their magical artifacts, the Strange Vistas crew turns their attention to the second object, whose symbol has appeared on the face of Hanthil, the Spear of Autumn Casting. This spear, their research discovers, can be thrown for impossible distances without a loss of accuracy. Its last known whereabouts was amongst the possessions of the Elenbrygge family, now residing in the far city of Estantene.


The PC's travel plans are complicated because Estantene is currently being besieged by the Rock Tooth clan of orcs, a sizable horde led by Hanthil's arch-nemesis, Krang Slork. They manage to gain passage upon the Star of Zamboula, a blockade runner captained by Chibras Tortrone. After a harrowing flight into the city (during which the PC's fend off an assault of river trolls), the heroes meet and explain their mission to Governor Metcalfe. He agrees to allow them to search the mansion of the Elenbrygge family, but only under the watchful (and critical) eye of Sir Sebastien Chiasson, leader of the town's garrison.


All participants get 270 XP for this adventure.

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