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The Shroud of Skelos, Chapter Three


Having returned to the surface to assess their injuries and catch their breath, the Strange Vistas crew returns below the surface of the Bone Sanctuary. Their exploration of the main level reveals a bizarre transparent cube-shaped ooze capable of dissolving anything in its path. They also encounter rats, and some fast thinking by Hanthil, and slick flute playing by Galinda on her Pipes of the Sewers has the rats under control and leading them to the Shroud of Skelos.

The Shroud itself is guarded by zombies, a legion of skeletons, and another wight. Violet falls victim to the wight's touch yet again, bringing her one step closer to death, but the Willow drives it back before it can finish the job. They snag the shroud and flee the Bone Sanctary, having located the first of the twelve artifacts they require.


All participants receive 300 XP for this session. Hanthil gets the XP bonus of 150.

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