The Shroud of Skelos, Chapter Two


The group presses deeper into the Bone Sanctum, encountering ghouls, ghasts, and skeletons. In one room, they find a gray, dessicated, but animated corpse. They swarm around it, swinging weapons wildly. But the creature is able to fight back, draining Violet of some of her life energy before yielding to the heroes blows.

Having been badly injured and with reserves running low, the group decides to head back to Crow Ridge before nightfall. There they ask for Tybane's help, but he refuses them (reminding them that they are cursed by all gods save one). Violet is desperate to regain her lost life force, and Xander informs her that she must have the spell Restoration cast upon her within a few days time in order to gain back what has been lost. Taking pity on them, Tybane tells them that the Shroud of Skelos has the power to restore lost life energy, if they can find it.

Violet now has a difficult decision to make: head back to the temple of Shinara and hope she arrives there in time, or brave the Bone Sanctum and hope they can recover the Shroud before the loss becomes permanent. After a bit of soul searching, Violet agrees to risk the Sanctum, and the group rests for the night, eager to set out at first light once again.


All participants get 100 XP for this session.