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The Lost Heir, Session Thirteen


Having recovered Maya and her grandfather, the Strange Vistas crew gather the druids from the nearby forest. The druids' normally standoffish personality has become downright hostile, and Willow suggests that she may know the reason. The druids agree to hold the ritual within the courtyard of a local prominent merchant, and will be witnessed by several other powerful members of the community. They are also joined by a sell-sword named Ransook, a mercenary sent by Rawne in response to their request for aid.

In the meantime, the group stands guard, ready to launch a ambush against the inevitable attempt by the Duke to stop the ritual. Their presumptions are correct, for the Duke heads for the ritual accompanied by his wizard Ossios, three mounted knights, and handful of men-at-arms. The pitched battle swings back and forth in the streets, with Xane and Hammer falling in combat (by are saved by some last-minute healing by Willow). Violet slays Ossios, while Xander finishes off the Duke.

After the bloody melee is over, the heroes return to discover that the druids have confirmed Maya's identity, and with the Duke already disposed, she is quickly instated as the Count's heir. She promises them her aid, and declares them Friends of the Realm.

The Strange Vistas crew will need all the friends they have, for after everything has settled down Willow reveals that she has had a vision in a dream from Shinara, Goddess of Fortune and Misfortune (and Willow's long-anticipated patron). It turns out that Hammer broke an ancient seal, which the gods are now insisting they repair. Until then, no other god or their followers will help them, save those of Shinara herself. It is, the messenger in the dream proclaims, the beginning of the "Time of Despair"...


All participants gain 242 XP, with Violet and Xander each getting 100 for tying for the bonus

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