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Session Twelve


The Strange Vistas crew begin to track down the only clue they have in the disappearance of the Count's missing daughter--a small scrap of green and gold cloth. The innkeeper recognizes the cloth from a guy named Steinhold. Steinhold has been known to hang out at the Dusty Pelican, a truly run-down bar on the far end of town. While Xander, Zane, Violet and Hanthil case the bar, Willow and Galinda approach Steinhold posing as ne'er-do-wells looking for opportunity. Steinhold is evasive, however, even after Xander surreptitiously casts charm person on him.

Finally, the group decides to wait outside the bar to jump Steinhold, but he never departs. Galinda goes back inside looking for answers, and ends up being jumped by three barflies and the bartender. The rest of the group rushes in, makes short work of the drunks, and then forces the bartender to reveal that Steinhold is hiding inside an underground complex.

Rushing the hidden rooms, the group smashes through the thieves holed up within, including Steinhold and a surprise guest--Ricros the dwarven assistant to the Duke. Ricros tries to run for it, but is captured by Galinda. Aedar and his granddaughter are rescued, and Ricros is "convinced" to tell the group the Duke's entire scheme: how he arranged the Count's death, but not before learning of a daughter. When the heroes came into town, the Duke got suspicious and had the girl and her grandfather picked up by the local thieves' guild, with whom he has a working relationship. Violet avenges the Count's death, and the group plans their next move.


Everyone gets 129 XP, except Galinda and Willow, who get an additional 65 points for winning the cards and the roleplaying

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