The Lost Heir, Part Two


Before he left, Frankie contacted an old friend, a gnome thief named Xane to help out his old friends. Xane and the rest of the crew then paid a visit on Duke Quolean, the usurper who has taken over the region. Rather than meet the duke, they are instead greeted by Ricros, a hunchbacked dwarf who serves as Quolean's aide. He invites them to dinner tonight, and arranges for them to be picked up by carriage. Before they leave, Xane cases the Duke's house, especially the jakes.


That evening the group has dinner with Quolean, Ossios his magical assistant, and Ricros (and a lot of guards). After settling in, they begin their plan. First, Galinda feigns illness and asked Ossios to escort her somewhere she can lay down and recover. Then, Xander surrepticiously casts ''Charm Person'' on the Duke (miraculously succeeding in the process), and asks the Duke if he might explore his library. The Duke agrees, but sends Ricros with him as a guide.


Xane meanwhile sneaks back to the privy and climbs in with the intention of climbing up the shaft to the second floor. Unfortunately Xane slips badly and falls into the waste below. Never one to give up, Xane scales the shaft and makes his way (a little sloppily) to the second floor.


While Galinda makes loud retching noises in Ossios' bedroom, Xander carefully searches the library for some clue as to how to help Mira claim her birthright. Deciding that he'll not get anywhere while Ricros is watching, Xander jumps the dwarf from behind and knocks him out. He then binds and gags him in order to totally search the room.


Downstairs, Willow starts to put the moves on the Duke, while Violet and the half-orc barbarian begin to speculate if they can kill everyone in the castle.


After he comes around, Xander frees Ricros, claiming that the dwarf had fallen and had a violent seizure. Ricros suggests they head back downstairs, but as soon as Xander turns his back, clouts him on the back of the head murmuring, "I owe you one." Xander falls to the ground.


Xane manages to find the Duke's room and after a lengthy search finds a book in a hidden wall safe that apparently has been untouched for some time. He stuffs the book in his clothes and heads out just in time to see Ricros hauling Xander out of the library. Ricros claims that Xander "fell" and deflects any further questions by pointing out that Xane is a) on the wrong floor, b) skulking about, and c) covered in fecal matter. Galinda overhears the exchange and heads out of Ossios' room, and after a heated exchange, they all head back downstairs.


The Duke (still suffering from the effect of the charm spell) graciously excuses everyone and they all head back to the inn. The story isn't over yet, though, because the innkeeper has been attacked and Mira and her grandfather are missing. On the upside, the book suggests that a circle of druids living in the area can perform a ritual to identify Mira's true lineage. As the session closes, the group is left wondering if the entire dinner was just a ruse to get them away from their charges...


XP Award: 400