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The Lost Heir


A few weeks following the siege of Peluria, the city is gradually becoming a ghost town as settlers move back into the Northern Kingdom to reclaim their land. The Strange Vistas crew, now led by the newly knighted Lady Galinda, dine one last time with their own friend Rawne before he departs with his liege to Caer Krolmar. After dinner, Rawne begs them a final favor. A distant cousin, Aedar, needs to travel back to his home village of Barrowlake far to the south and he hopes that they can accompany him back, since they will be traveling in the same direction.


The PC's agree, and the next day begin to make their way to Barrowlake with Aedar, and elderly bridgebuilder. The first day and a half of their trip goes well, but then the group is caught in an avalanche along a mountainous ravine. Sadly, this is the end of Hanthel's beloved horse, the first fatality amongst the Strange Vistas crew. The avalanche turns out to be just the harbinger of an ambush by ogres, orcs, and goblins. Xander is able to quickly rout the attackers by use of his newest spell, Scare.


The group finally makes their way to Barrowlake, where Aedar invites them to be a guest in his home and introduces them to his granddaughter, Mira. That evening, after Mira has been dismissed to do chores, Aedar reveals that Mira is, in fact, the daughter of Count Samild. Samild had told Aedar that he intended on recognizing Mira as his heir, but shortly thereafter died mysteriously in his bed. Shortly thereafter, a local Duke entered the Countship with a small army and claimed to be taking responsibility of running the kingdom until he could determine the appropriate successor. Samild said he had a way of verifying that Mira was his daughter, but Aedar does not know what that way was.


The group decides to help Mira, and after a lengthy discussion they travel to the Count's castle in Whitedell (with Mira and Aedar in disguise) and badly bluff their way into the city and make an appointment with the Duke.


On a sad note, this is probably the last gaming session with Frankie and Kiera, whose players are moving out of state. Andy and Maureen, no one can trip orcs like the two of you. Swords bright! XP Award: 500

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