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Caer Krolmar, Session Eight


After a whirlwind bit of planning, the Strange Vistas crew prepare to journey back through Caer Gannen and Rix to use the magical braziers to enter the headquarters of the reptilian general of the army marching on Peluria. Their plan: find the Key of Shadows, the Book of Shadows, or the general (whichever comes first), and foil their plans.

They are joined by yet another adventurer, a half-orc barbarian of dubious mental stability who kept changing his name as the day went by.

Thus joined, the heroes enter Caer Krolmar (as they suspected) and began the search for their targets. They locate and free two imprisoned elves (Xander I and Galinda I from the original D&D campaign) who inform them that they will need the Key to destroy the Book of Shadows. They find the key and defeat the dolgaunt lieutenant guarding it.

Armed with the Key, the PC's head for the final showdown. The leader of the army is a half-dragon with plans of turning his dead father into a dracolich. The half-dragon sends his necromancer ally to the top of the castle while he deals with the heroes. A desperate fight begins as most of the PC's face off against the Dragon's Scion while Xander and Frankie race off towards the necromancer.

Atop the tower of Caer Krolmar, the necromancer reveals that his true scheme is to raise the dragon not as a dracolich (which wouldn't work anyways) but as a zombie dragon he alone can control! As the Book of Shadows glows with power, the remains of Asharoth begin stir. Frankie, realizing that the PC's have split the Key between three of them, heads back to the room where they are facing the half-dragon. While he races down the steps, Xander is severely wounded by the zombie dragon.

The combined attacks of the PC's defeats the half-dragon, and the entire party heads upstairs to face the zombie dragon and disrupt the necromancer. Willow and Hanthil recover the mortally-injured Xander as the group splits their attacks between the necromancer and the dragon. Frankie makes a wild dash for the Book with the Key, but fails to over the waves of supernatural fear coruscating from the evil tome. As the group hangs on by a thread against Asharoth, Galinda exhorts Frankie to try again, and this time he succeeds in getting to the Book with the Key.

The Book flies out of the necromancer's hands, spinning wildly and throwing off colored sparks. With a loud clap the book disappears and the zombie dragon collapses. Snarling that he'll get his revenge, the necromancer disappears.

Suddenly quiet falls over the entire scene. Looking out from their high vista, the PC's can see a flying figure strafing the armies of evil. It is Claudimorax, the silver dragon and matriarch of House Silverwing. As she attacks, the forces of Peluria advance out of the gates of the city and begin to rout the now leaderless army. In short time, the war is over. Claudimorax flies to the top of Caer Gannen where the heroes are waiting and thanks them for their great service to the kingdom.

Back in Peluria, King Tarsus IV returns to the city admidst a great celebration for the heroes and their victory. Claudimorax presents them with gifts from her own hoard, and Rawne informs them that the noble houses are beginning to organize expeditions to reclaim their ancestral lands.

Their work done, the heroes collect their awards and consider moving on to explore other strange vistas.


Participants in this session receive 1255 XP

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