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Caer Rix, Session Seven


Having defeated the necromancer dwelling within Caer Rix, the Strange Vistas crew discovers a prisoner: Violet, a female dwarf fighter (and new PC). Violet has little information, but is glad to join forces with her liberators.

The remainder of Caer Rix is largely "mopping up"--vanquishing the animated skeletons raised by the necromancer and the remnants of his goblin and bugbear henchmen. The PC's climb through the ruined remains to the upper level to reach the surface (they had come in through a subterranean river).


The sight that greets them is shocking. To the far north along a mountain ridge burns the signal fires of a great army. While they try to ascertain details, the group is attacked by a harpy, the first of several. Xander once again comes out at the last one standing (or in this case, not entranced by the harpy's song) and uses his trusty wand of magic missles to defeat the beast. Before the other harpies can attack, the group scurries back underground and collapses the tunnel behind them. They take the boats back upstream to Caer Gannen, where they face a difficult decision: do they risk a nighttime trip back to Peluria (where they could run afoul of more harpies) or wait until daybreak (when the army may overtake them). They finally decide to risk a nighttime run back to Peluria, which is difficult but successful.


While some rest, the others summon Dysero, Rawne, and Eleander Silverwing to discuss the impending doom. Other noblemen are brought into the discussion, with some discounting their tale. Galinda, using her rhetorical skills, convinces them to prepare for war.

After the other noblemen leave, Rawne and the PC's discuss how they need to find a way to get behind enemy lines and stop the invader's scheme of raising the ancient black dragon Asharoth from dead. This is a big moment in the campaign, as threads going back almost a year come together: the clerics of Nerull, the Slairu cultists, the necromancers, and the horde of humanoids have all been working towards a common goal--the conquest of Peluria. With most of the magical resources going towards the defense of the city, the PC's withdraw to discuss the best means to foil the enemy's plot.


Participants in this session receive 800 XP

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