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Caer Rix, Session Six


After a long time of planning, the Strange Vistas crew head out for Caer Rix, following the trail of evil they have been uncovering since first coming to the city. By using the underground river they discovered in Caer Gannen, they travel by boat to Caer Rix's subterranean entrance.


While Desire, the newest member of the crew, picks the lock, the others are ambushed from behind by zombies. After finishing them off, the PC's venture inside to find signs of necromantic activity, and several ghouls, servile goblins, and a bugbear captain.


But most importantly, the PC's stumble across a familiar figure: an elven necromancer that Xander and Frankie had seen at Dysero's house. Using a magical brazier, the necromancer is talking to an unknown person about the "apotheosis" coming soon. Rushing the room, the Strange Vistas crew find themselves biting off more than they can chew--the entire group is felled by the necromancer's spells except Xander, who holds off with 1 hit point left to defeat the necromancer in a battle of magical might.


Willow uses the brazier to communicate to the necromancer's master, a gigantic draconian humanoid who is enraged to discover that his lieutenant has fallen. Moreover, he implies that the brazier can be used to transport people to his location. After raiding the necromancer's room, the PC's decide to hole up for the night, hoping they won't be disturbed.


Participants in this session receive 768 XP

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