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Old and New Faces!!


The party is joined by Desire', a "procurement specialist" who used to work with the original Strange Vistas crew. Desire' had run out of money from rescuing the good people of Fairweather, and had been looking for her old compatriots in hopes of striking it rich again. Instead, she found Galinda, Frankie, and Kiera preparing to head from Caer Rix (the others were out gathering supplies).


Shortly after Desire' arrived, a frazzled dwarf came looking for Kiera. His name was Thorik, and he was charged by Rawne with enchanting Kiera's axe, the one given to her when her father died. Just as he was finishing the process, the smithy went crazy: the axe began spinning around, objects began flying about, and a loud screaming could be heard. Thorik fled his house, then when he came back with the city guard, found it impossible to enter. Lacking a better option, he came to Kiera for answers.


As it turns out, Kiera could enter the house, along with the rest of the party. Inside they find imps and skeletons roaming about the place (making them really miss Willow). The finally make their way to the smithy, where they find her axe levitating above the ground. The axe begins to speak in her father's voice, telling her that until she proves herself worthy, she may not bear her father's axe. Her father's spirit says that while he has come to accept that she has chosen not to follow in her father's footsteps as a knight, he can not accept the cowardice he has seen her display (not to mention not trying to find his killer). By some unknown power, he has summoned these monsters to the house, and tells her she must "face the terror within."


After making her way through the house, Kiera found in the basement a Slaughterpit Gnoll Zombie, the monster the PC's had avoided in an earlier adventure. Determined to save face and prove her father wrong, Kiera (with a little help) slays the beast and claims her axe as rightfully hers.


Experience points for this session is 207

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