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Caer Gannen, Session Three


Having dispatched the slairu and his human allies in the temple, the heroes decide to press on. The next room is the chamber of the slairu high priest, who after a long melee back and forth makes a break for the exit and ends up with a magical broadsword in the back for his trouble.


The priest's escape route leads to an underground river with two boats moored on the beach. The PC's explore a bit of the river in each direction, realizing that one path would lead them in the direction of Caer Rix. They leave that pathway for a later date, however, and continue to explore the lower level of Caer Gannen. A search of the priest's quarters in a fruitful one, yielding a secret chamber with a sizable treasure, including a bracers of armor +1 and a pipes of the sewers.


Another room yields a nest of venomous snakes, that Galinda handily shoots with her bow, while another room is the spawning pool for the Slairu, with a much larger serpentine guardian. Finally the locate the slairu's quarters and kill the last two in Caer Gannen.


Having survived their first major dungeon crawl, the group decides to head back to Peluria for some rest and relaxation, and to assess their next move.


The four PC's in this session get 959 XP. The stick-swinging Xanders gets the bonus of 300 XP as well

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