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Caer Gannen, Session Two


The PC's have holed briefly to catch their breath in the torture room they have stumbled across. They free Li'l Knobbyfoot, a halfling who swears eternal service to the party, and Buffra, a knight from Peluria. A little bit of magical healing later, the group realizes that they have gotten pretty deep into the dungeon, but have left a lot of enemies behind them. So, as the movie guy says, it's payback time.


The party's first stop is the two near-sighted clerics they ran into earlier (the two who had believed Hanthel was Adam Stalker). No chit-chat this time, just rushing them. One falls, the other is captured and used to lure two more cultists from another room, who also quickly fall. The group continues to backtrack, heading back to the complex's dining hall, where they find (and kill) a hobgoblin and two goblins. The kitchen reveals an ogre cook, brewing up a nasty batch of something. Another quick charge, some lucky strikes (and combat marauder really coming into its own) and the cook ends up on the special.


At the point, the top level is almost completely cleaned out, barring the group of goblinoids sealed into their room, so the group decides to risk spending the night locked in the cleric's quarters.


The following morning the group sets out early down to the next level. The two hobgoblins standing guard at the bottom of the stairs put up a good fight, but to no avail. From there, the party has several options, and concludes the best bet is to avoid the direction they think will lead to the temple, and go the other way. Unfortunately, they guess wrong and end up in the main temple. Inside are two more cultists and another reptilian humanoid (the Slairu). A major battle follows, and the heroes once again come out on top.


I've decided to go with the acclerated XP awards, and also give out awards for treasure. Each PC gets 111 XP. While the ladies got a lot of love from the post-game review, Frankie won the XP bonus of 30 XP.

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