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Caer Gannen, Session One


Galinda and her companions head for Caer Gannen, the ancestral home of House Gannen and the intended meeting place for Adam Stalker, fallen hero and assassin. They have a plan, though: Frankie disguises Hanthil as Adam Stalker in hopes of infiltrating the Cult of the Eternal Serpent. Before they leave, they employ a disreputable fellow called "Big John" to accompany them as an intrusion specialist.


It's a good idea, but with one snag. Awaiting them at Caer Gannen are two goblin guards who demand a password. The PC's bully their way past the guards, but end up trapped between them and three more guards below ground. After a quick battle (with one stubborn goblin), the PC's wipe them out.


Sneaking their way in, Hanthil maintains his costume, and manages to bluff his way past yet another group of goblins, this time backed up by two hobgoblins. Xander casts hold portal to make sure they don't trouble them again. Finally, the PC's run into two cultists, who unbelievably mistake Hanthil for Stalker (both rolled 1's). They tell Hanthil that they are expecting to be summoned by "The Masters" soon, and that their patron god is Mershuul (whom Frankie recollects is a god of reptiles).


Leaving the clerics behind, the PC's head for the lower level, where the Masters are reputed to dwell. On the way, they stumble across a torture chamber where a strange reptilian man is beating a small halfling. Hanthil attacks the reptile, and is badly injured in return. While Willow heals Hanthil, the others engage the alien being long enough for Hanthil to finish the job. The halfling, calling himself "Li'l Knobbyfoot," tells his rescuers that the reptile men are called the Slairu, and were planning on sacrificing him the following day. He swears his service to them in return for rescuing him, although his possesses limited skills.


The heroes send Big John back to update Rawne, and send Kiera (who was taking care of some personal business) in the right direction.


XP Awards: 38 each, except Hanthil who gets 57. Next gaming session, October 20

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